Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 3: Summer of Change

This was the day I realized that everything I thought was true and right in my life was all about to change. I remember walking down to the beach and absorbing all the sights and sounds. The sun was setting, but people were still in the water. Kids laughed and screamed as waves chased them into shore and couples moved closer to each other as they watched the setting sun.

The water was very warm, warmer than I had expected and warmer than water during the day. I wore jeans and had my sandals in hand, I wished at that moment I had the ideal swimming attire and as I wished this, a wave caught me off guard and my jeans were soaked. And so it was, not ideal, but it happened and I enjoyed it. At that moment, I wished it was how it was before and I wished that you were there with me.

This was one of the happiest and saddest summers I have had. I've realized what I want, my limits, who I want to be and the extent of my feelings. I have gained and lost and have come out a little torn, but I am putting myself back together.

I will always love Huntington Beach and I will always love what it meant for us. I hold on dearly to those memories and I know that in time, we will heal.

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  1. this touched my heart. <3. thank you for sharing what is deep and true in all of us. keep strong!