Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 17: My New Camera

Hello Beautiful....

After much contemplation and some research, but mostly help from some very knowledgeable people about the medium format camera, I have purchased my very own Yashica D.

The Yashica D is a twin lens reflex medium format camera. This particular model was produced around 1966. It produces picture sizes of 6cm x6cm and weighs 6lbs.

After a few weeks of searching, I decided to get this model and I was very excited to track the shipment online and it be at my door when I came home. I know we are all moving towards digital, but I will still gladly invest in something like this.

My camera is a little bruised, it's been marked and claimed, the viewfinder is a little stubborn to open and the whole thing needs a good clean up. However, I know I'm going to love this camera and take many pictures with it, once I figure out how to use it. I've seen pictures being produced from this camera line and they are gorgeous. I can't wait to produce my own.

I'm going to look into some additional lens for this camera and once I get rolling, I will post up some pictures. For now, here are some pictures of this little guy.

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