Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 13: Compose it!

Digital. Huntington Beach

I am forever grateful for having taken years of art classes because it was through those classes did I learn about composition and really think about the shot and what I want the viewer focus on. At the time I was the one creating with my paintbrush, now I try to integrate those rules into shots I take.

For a while, I admit I did discarded the rules I had learned and was just taking shots. After getting that out of my system,  then I focused more on what kind of shot I wanted it to be, what kind of feelings I wanted the viewer to have and who or what my subject was and how I can make that apparent.

I want to get better in composing my shots and like all things, it takes a lot of practice. One of my goals is to work through the rules and practice them so over time they become second nature. So, I hope to do at least a few shots a week to show a rule and work through it.

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