Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 21: Film Speed

At times, don't think about film speed when I take pictures, especially indoor. All I want to do is just compose the shot and capture it. I then hear the inevitable slow shutter and I think, oh yeh, my film. Like I mentioned before, we grow so accustom to the digital age, especially with our nifty point and shoot, the thought of worry about film speed and shutter speed seem to be lost.

I have been experimenting with film speed and shutter speed. Some moments have been successful, other times, I just have to throw away the whole set of pictures. This is something that I am focused on learning and really understanding as time goes on.

This shot was taken indoor and I believe it was ISO of 400. As you can see her, hands are blurry, but I decided I like this shot because it shows the movement of getting ready for a night out.

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