Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 14: Shoes Shoes Shoes

San Diego. Digital 
If you gave two people the same pair of shoes and then see the shoes again after 6 months, you will see that although the style is the same, the wear in them is very different. Overtime the shoes have molded and formed to the living style of the person.  Everyday activities affect this and it is shown in their shoes.
I always drive with my heel pressed into the floor and this is apparent in all my shoes, as you can see on the right shoe in the picture. I also have a habit of kicking my toe into the stairs when i walk, but only my right foot as well, so the tip of my right shoes have a small tear in them over time. 
Shoes of people I could photograph are dancers, basketball players, runners, construction workers, servers, students, business people and so on.
Problems I foresee with this is how do I get these people to take off their shoes and stand there while I spend time photographing them? Who do I talk to in advance to get these pictures? Maybe I am depending too much on others for these shots and this could hinder my progress. These are the things I have to factor in. 
What should I do?


  1. typically, folks will own more than one pair. and most often, they'll hold on to the oldest and wear it the most infrequently. i think it'd be an interesting project. though, you may have to leave some sort of non-monetary deposit for Jordan's slippers..

  2. Narrow your search. Pick out a few people you know, photograph their shoes and create a series out of that. Maybe even over a course of a year or something like that.

    And when you are out and about and you see someone in some shoes you just have to shoot - those are extra outside story ones.

  3. knock them out. take a picture of their shoes as they are lying unconsious on the floor. Hell.. take the shoes, to be shot in a location of your choosing.