Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 16: Decision Has Been Made

New Jersey, Digital.

A decision has been made. I am going to do my ongoing project on shoes and it will have the theme of "Walking A Mile." 

I have decided to do an environmental portrait featuring the shoes. For example, I would photo a ballet dancer twirling across the dance floor, but the shot would be from upper knee with focus on the shoes. I think this would be more interactive for the viewer.

I am excited to get started on this, but first I need to make a list of people I can photograph and places I can go to find them. It will be a mix of family, friends and strangers. I will do about 20 people to allow myself the luxury of choices. I am eager to see where all this will take me.

Maybe I can do a short trip across the country to find shots or stay in my backyard. The options are endless and I can't wait to pick a camera and start.

My next mission, to find a Medium Format Camera, 120 film, in excellent condition. I found one, but I will wait and see.

Let's walk together and see where this goes...


  1. Your calendar is going to be amazing...this shot is so intriguing and it's just a sample of what you can do!!! So excited and jealous I didn't think of it!

  2. sounds amazing! :) Lemme know if you wanna take pictures of my chef shoes. :)

  3. HT I was totally thinking of you for this project! I will be up in SJ so I will come by and take pics of you