Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 53: CD Cover Photo Shoot

(Newport, October 2009)

Today was the photo shoot for the CD cover assignment. Our assignment was to create a CD cover based on listening to the song twice in class and the words we associated with it.

When I first heard the song in class I visualized a box of emotions due to the rapid change in the music composition. I felt sadness, happiness then excitement and mystery. I then thought of Pandora's box and wanted to use that as my inspiration. I then thought of a treasure chest containing this being found on the beach with it's own world locked inside it. My original idea was to have a world of trees, birds and water inside the chest. However, as I gathered my props, the idea evolved a little.

I started my day early, wanting to make sure to shoot when it was still overcast, this would allow me to have the best lighting, especially shooting outside. My friend Shannon met me to assist during the shoot and she did a fantastic job.

It was a lot of fun setting up this shot. I haven't done still life for awhile, since art class and I've never set up still shots for photography.

Everything came out exactly how I had envisioned it. Whether or not it is what the Art Director wants, we shall see. I am happy that I was able to plan, sketch, find and execute this shot to almost exactly how I and envisioned it.

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