Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 39: Calm in Chaos

(San Jose, September 2009) 

After a week of readjusting my schedule and life to focus more on photography, I can say that I haven't felt this passionate or happy about doing something for a long time. I don't look at this as a chore, a project in which I dread, but force myself to do. This has grown far beyond being a hobby for me. I want to pursue this and continue to do this for a long long time. I know I have a great amount to learn and try, but I am ready.

I have become obsessed some may say with all this and I don't look at my projects as dreadful, but as challenges in which I know with dedication and effort I will be able to do.

In the past I dived into a good number of activities, done my best, reached a peak then shelf it. I felt comfortable knowing I had the skills  should I need them.  I always told myself I would come back to it.

WIth this, I don't think I'll be doing that. I have found something that I have integrated into the fibers of my being and I feel this is what I am to be doing.

(San Jose, September 2009)

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