Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 152: Au-dessus d'une tasse de café (Over A Cup of Coffee)

(San Jose, January 2010)
I went back to San Jose this weekend and I was able to catch up a with a few friends. I spent the morning with one of my best friends Xochi.

We spent the morning in the Willow Glen neighborhood with sandwiches at Le Boulanger, a sandwich cafe we frequently ate at when we were taking some classes together. Afterwards, we went to Monsier Beans, which I had gone to a few weeks before and thought it would be a perfect place to take pictures with the huge windows, collection of chairs, tables and couches and warm interior.  As Xochi sat by the window, which provided great lighting, I took some pictures of her with the Hasselblad then the digital camera.

Xochi has always been a huge supporter of my photography. She'd wait patiently as we I would constantly stop and take pictures whenever we'd spend time together, even if I had to take a picture of our server while we're enjoying our brunch. She's joined me on various photography outings and has even allowed me to photograph her for various assignments.

With friends like her, I have been able to continue my photography and am grateful for them all.

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