Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 148: Golden Day (Nous Allons Sortir- We Will Get Through This)

(Huntington Beach, January 2010) 

Today I celebrated my birthday by taking the day off from work and do a variety of things such as read, write and of course photography.

It started raining mid day and I haven't had a chance to use the Hasselblad during the rain so I went to the beach at sunset and I walked down by the pier. 

The sun was fighting through the rain clouds and the lighting at that moment highlighted the area beautifully. I took my time with composing each shot despite the rapid setting sun and I was able to do one roll of colored film.

I took this shot with the iPhone at the end of my roll and I am looking forward to seeing what the film had captured.

It has been an amazing week with being able to celebrate my birthday with various friends and my family. I have been blessed to have positive people in my life who inspire me each day. I am grateful for all your support through the highs and lows, thank you for a wonderful birthday and I look forward to many more with you all.

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  1. Happy Birthday Lan! Gorgeous picture of the pier.