Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 105: Adventure Awaits Us

(The Photo Family, Yes, they are silly, December 2009) 

(From 52 Students to 25, December 2009) 

Today was also our last class and saying goodbye to it was bittersweet. Although we are all glad we have made it, I will miss it very much. We shared our final projects with each other and had a mini holiday party. It was great seeing everyone's work and seeing their concepts come together.

This class challenged me creatively and mentally and I feel I am better for it. My work schedule and life schedule changed drastically for this class, but I happily did it because I looked forward to working on all my projects.

Besides the knowledge I have gained from this class, the friendships I have made are invaluable. With the understanding of friends like Shannon, Maurice, Ricky, Jerod and Courtney, and others, I was able to share frustrations and achievements and only they truly understood because they were going through it as well.
I am proud to say that I was able to get through this class and am fortunate to have met our instructor, Agatha. Her knowledge and expectations is the driving force of this course. We are all better because of this and I am grateful that I have gained a mentor I can go to.

Although the class has come to an end, all of us are continuing on. I look forward to seeing where everyone's path takes them. And I am looking forward to when our paths crossed for the many adventures we have planned. From Yosemite, to San Francisco, Asia and beyond, we have hopes of coming together once or twice a year to do photography and catch up.

I plan on keeping this blog going and continuing with posting of pictures and I am happy you all will continue on with me. For the next few weeks I will be researching and visiting places to find inspiration for my next photo project and I will be sharing with you what I find.

Thank you for all the memories friends and classmates. Cheers to you!

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