Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Year In Review...

My 2010:
new friends
closer to old friends
extremely closer to my mother and father
new relationship
new job
new home
new appreciation for life

Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in the moment of frustration and forget about every great thing that had happened. While putting this together, I was able to look back and remember the feelings I had for each picture and I was so grateful to have been surrounded by amazing people who keep me motivated, hear me complain, make me laugh, allow me to be myself and still love me for who I AM, and who have allowed me to be a part of their life as well.

My goals for 2011:
Truly focus more on my photography.
Take more risks.
Hone in on my passions and capabilities and USE THEM.
Focus on my faith.
Love more.
Keep learning.


  1. Great post. I appreciate your goals! I'm working on mine.

  2. Love it. If I were better at taking photos, I might copy this idea. I fear I wouldn't have a photo for every month, haha. : ) Happy New Year, Lan!