Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 181: Male Muse

(Santa Monica, February 2010) 

Continuing my weekend of exploring, I met with my friend Matt in Santa Monica to take some pictures with my new/used 30D. After many years of resisting the DSLR, I bought one earlier this year and this weekend was my first time taking the camera out.

It was a lot of fun using the camera and Matt, like my other friends was  patient with me stopping and taking pictures constantly, even if it was mid conversation.

I have taken other pictures of Matt and he was my subject for an assignment I shot in the past, so it was nice to update his pictures with digital ones. It's always a pleasure to take pictures of him because he's very natural and he doesn't change when he sees the camera come out. I called him my male muse because he has inspired me to do more portraits, specifically of males.

We ended the day with pizza and a conversation while sitting on some stools looking out to the dark streets of Santa Monica. Looking forward to using the 30D more and finding more spots in Southern California.

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