Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 68: Concert

(Jay-Z Concert, Los Angeles November 2009) 

Whether it be an open mic at a cafe or a full production concert in Madison Square Garden, live music is truly magical. In those few hours you and all those attending are sharing an experience by coming together with the common thread of being a fan and celebrating the music.

It can make you jump out of your seat and dance or make you stop and reflect.  Music has always been regarded as the common language across the world and to celebrate it with people from all walks of life is something everyone should experience.

After being a fan for more than 10 years, I attended the Jay-Z concert tonight. I went with my friend Matt who is also a fan and it was an amazing concert. The lights, music and energy of the fans swept us out of our seats and we never stopped dancing to the music. He covered songs from his first album to his current one. I was ecstatic each time I heard a song I loved from years ago. It was wonderful having an old friend there who knew the music and had no inhibitions about getting up and dancing to it.

Amazing night with great company.

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